LTE Personal Application Form

5BB LTE 4G + Internet Service Application Form (Personal)

1. Name of Authorized Applicant :
2. Date of Birth :
3. NRC/ Passport No. :
4. Installation Address:
5. Email Address :
6. Telephone/Mobile :
7. Service Plan :

8. CPE No :
9. Sim No :
10. Reseller Name :

(Price is included with 5% Commercial Tax)

Terms and Conditions

1. Service is enabled for single user (or) multiple in a Local Area Network environment. Prohibited for sublet reseller.
2. Lifetime Warranty for ONU, not include the damage of subscriber’s performance, Act of God, Electricity and Weather.
3. 5BB reserve the right to change pricing and/or the Terms and Conditions without prior notice or warning.
4. All fees and payment must be made before the payment due-date. In the event of late payment, the user account will be disconnect and additional charge will be levied for re-connection.
5. 5BB reserves the right to verify information provided and has the right to decline an application without giving any reason and is not obligated to respond to any request from an unsuccessful applicant.
6. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply.