XS Plan : 3 Mbps
49,500 Ks
More surfing.

3-5 Devices at a time
- Light Streaming
- Surfing the Web
- Downloading music
- Unlimited Usage

Enjoy your internet, social media, work, shop, share and surf. 5BB 3 Mbps Internet is family friendly for everyday things on your everyday devices.

S Plan : 9 Mbps
99,500 Ks
More streaming.

6-8 Devices at a time
- Average streaming
- stream, download shows
- Download music/ phots/ Videos
- Unlimited Usage

Give your devices a kick in the speed. Stream and download more movies, shows and photos with 5BB 9 Mbps Internet.

M Plan : 14 Mbps
149,500 Ks
More Power

9-11 Devices at a time
- Multi-Device streaming
- Download shows quickly
- Download large files
- Good for Multiplayer Gaming
- Unlimited Usage

5BB 14 Mbps is perfect for working from home, uploading big files and playing multiplayer games with unlimited usage.

L Plan : 22 Mbps
249,500 Ks
More. Much more.

15-18 Devices at a time
- Download shows in seconds
- Multi-device HD Streaming
- Great for multiplayer gaming
- Unlimited Usage

Push more your productivity and your entertainment. 5BB 22 Mbps plan experience you work all your devices in speed.

XL Plan : 40 Mbps
449,500 Ks
More everything.

22+ Devices at a time
- Heavy usage activities
- Extreme speed
- Excellent for multiplayer gaming
- Unlimited Usage

Get the best of your media, work, wearables, connected appliances and whatever else.

5BB by Global Technology is better way of enjoying the internet with raging speeds for all your devices.

It delivers fiber optics straight to your front door with everything you want, just the way you want it.

Internet with
Serious Speeds

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