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The Problem

The Privious Internet is Normal useage plan, we faced the connection error and speed unstable.

The Challenge

Searching stage is our challange because we confused between Business Internet and Family Internet.Then I noticed ads on 5BB from the beginning.There is also a difference in price.

The Solution

For health services and other uses of medical technology, Aye Medical Center chose 5BB's Business Internet with stable line and good after sales service.

The Brand

5BB Business Internet is a specialized Internet. I especially like and recommend 5BB Business Internet's dedicated After Sales Service.

The Conclusion

Good highlight 5 points for 5BB Business Internet : Internet Stable connection, full bandwidth, always keep in touch with sales,they can ask easily whatever they want and no connection error except port down time.

 "We TRUST 5BB and also we LIKE after sales services so that we use it for long time."