Embassy (Kuwaiti Embassy Head Of Mission Residence)

Embassy (Kuwaiti Embassy Head Of Mission Residence)



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The Problem
As an embassy of a country, there are many online meetings and international relations, and because of that, it is necessary to always have strong & stable internet connections for employees at the Embassy and also for their residential homes.

Due to unstable internet connections, they may experience a variety of difficulties and irritations when they communicate with each other within the embassy or people from other countries. 


The Challenge
As for this Challenge, we may need to provide the employees at the embassy with stable internet connections with less or no interruptions so that they can work comfortably at any time as they need to be online every time. 


The Solution
Our solution for this is that we decided to set up reliable internet connections in Kuwait’s Mission Residence by working together with 5BB.


The Conclusion
In Conclusion, for Kuwait’s Mission Residence
Highly stable lines
Strong Internet Connections 
Low rate of line-loss
Great Customer Service

With this, the Kuwait Embassy gave their approval comments for 5BB’s service.